Monday, January 10, 2011


At the beginning of 2010, I set the follow goals for myself, and I am happy to report that I reached/achieved many of them. 2010 had a rough start - drama with my (now ex-) dissertation advisor and FEET of snow that limited my ability to run. But as the winter snows began to melt, things started to fall into place. My accomplishments in 2010 provide me with a solid foundation to take on 2011!


1. run 1000+ miles
- accomplished 10/31 during my last long training run before the Philadelphia Marathon. In total, I ran 1105 miles last year.
2. run four races of differing lengths - 10k, 10 miler, 1/2 marathon, and marathon
- completed. I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, Pittsburgh 1/2 Marathon, Philadelphia Marathon, and MCM Mama's 40th birthday celebration 8.25 miler.
3. do strength training twice each week (includes abs)
- complete and utter FAIL.
4. run a sub-4 hour marathon; sub-2 hour 1/2; and a 10k under 50 minutes - successfully ran a sub-2 hour 1/2 marathon, but didn't run either a sub-4 hour marathon or sub-50 minute 10k (note: I didn't race a 10k in 2010).

5. lose 10 pounds
- maintained my weight, but didn't lose or gain a pound in 2010.

6. lose the tummy/pooch above my c-section line (am I the only woman who had a c-section that cannot get rid of the fat?) - this will NEVER be a goal again. I believe that the pooch is a permanent fixture; a sign that my body couldn't handle natural childbirth and that they cut me open to get her out to ensure her health and mine. I'd rather have the pooch than not have her.

-- All of my goals related to school were achieved. I am on schedule to finish my PhD before the end of the summer!
1. develop dissertation topic by end of February

2. have dissertation committee assembled by end of March

3. submit general research plan for May meeting

4. pass dissertation proposal defense by September 1st

5. schedule dissertation defense by June 2011

6. finish PhD program by September 1, 2011

7. complete my course-work by August 2010 

8. secure an external research grant for dissertation research by August 2010


1. read a book for fun each month
- complete FAIL. As noted previously, I didn't read a single book last year. In addition to not making the time to read and being a busy, working, studenting, running mama, I planned poorly for this goal. I have a new plan for this year...

2. read two books with D
- also complete fail.

3. go out for coffee with a friend or alone at least once a month
- this didn't happen once a month, but I did enjoy some great cups of coffee out as well as a milkshake reward post-proposal defense and a couple of nice dinners out with girlfriends.

4. pay for at least one massage
- fail. Shame on me.

5. go to bed before 11pm on school nights
- completed (most of the time). There were a few times when I just had to stay up to finish school work, discuss something with D, or watch the end of LOST.


1. pay myself for mommy-share days (I'm watching a friend's child one day a week and she in turn is watching K one day; this cuts down seriously on our nanny expenses)
- our mommy share ended in mid-July, but I did use the money we saved. See below...

2. with saved $, buy the new camera I've been eyeing for months and put at least $2000 into my IRA
- I did buy a new camera and have $ to put into my IRA (just need to make the electronic transfer).


WASPY GIRL said...

Good for you. I'd say you did quite well. It's so hard to find time to read for pleasure. I'm looking forward to hearing about your plan!!

nora said...

Awesome job, Becky. I found this website last night and am thinking about shelling out the $99 to get rid of my annoying gut... UGH

Good luck on your goals for 2011!