Monday, January 17, 2011


Today we're celebrating D's 41st birthday. He is currently out talking with a life coach about his plans for his sabbatical. Tonight we're getting a babysitter and going out to dinner with friends. I might be looking forward to a night out more than D. Due to D's work schedule and a couple of others events we had planned, I was a single-parent for much of the weekend. And our little angel is entering (maybe fully entered into) a strong-willed, disobedient little girl. I'm exhausted from being a parent. A night out is exactly what I need.

Because of the holiday, this week officially begins tomorrow. And here are my goals:

MOM: get K's big-girl room organized/planned (we purchased her big-girl bed yesterday). I also need to get her crib listed on craigslist (yes, we're going to sell it; if we have another child, we'll buy another one of craigslist; we don't want to store a crib in our house - no room for that). We also need to select paint colors and some wall decorations.

WIFE: celebrate D's birthday in style and listen/talk with him about his sabbatical plans.

FRIEND: two coffee dates to confirm.

COMMUNITY: attend neighborhood meeting on Wednesday evening.

ATHLETE: four runs, at least two sessions of strength training, and spinning on Wednesday.

HEALTH:  try to make granola bars (again - last week's attempt was a fail)

STUDENT:  finalize my code for dissertation analysis. Specifically, figure out how to calculate exposure-years for each farmer.

CAREER:  get read for interviewS (yes, that is plural) I have in the coming weeks. Apply for at least another three jobs.

PERSONAL GROWTH: finish Breaking Dawn and organize schedule for reading through Seven Healthy Habits with D. I also want to watch an instruction video that goes with me camera.

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Sarah said...

You are one productive lady. I must say, it makes me feel better to hear you are tired on single-parenting weekends as well! When John's gone all weekend, I feel like I start the week depleted! I really don't know how stay at home moms do it.

Enjoy your night out! You deserve it. Have a glass of wine for me. :)