Saturday, December 18, 2010


Dear God,

My proposal defense is schedule for Monday at 1pm. That is approximately 30 hours from now. Between then and now, I need to make revisions to my slides, add references to said slides and get all of my slides reviewed/approved AGAIN by my adviser. Additionally, I need to buy new panty-hose and decide which necklace to wear - pearls or black beads. I also need to sit through my final class of the semester, host a dinner party at home and deliver 12 plates of cookies to neighbors.

God, I am busy.

I am stressed out.

I'm thinking maybe I should just quit now and go shopping (just kidding, sort of).

God, I have many requests related to my proposal defense. For efficiency's sake (mine, not yours, of course), I'm going to go with list, complete with bullet points.

Lord, please...

- help me to think clearly;
- help me to speak clearly;
- help me to not talk too fast;
- help me to answer questions with an ounce of intelligence;
- give my committee mercy and compassion towards me;
- do not let it snow or there be a snow delay on Monday;
- do not allow the lights to go off or the computer to freeze up during my presentation;
- have Professors MT, MB, and CA not show up - give them busy afternoons so they do not attend my proposal defense;
-help me to remember all the paperwork that needs to be signed by my committee;
- prevent me from spilling my coffee or lunch on my dress-up outfit;
- make sure I pronounce "POLYMORPHISMS" correctly every time I say it;
- ensure that my committee enjoys and appreciates all the homemade goodies I am bringing for them;

and, finally,

- be sure that I pass with flying colors and get approval to conduct my final defense in six month.

Thank you, God.

And it isn't too much to ask, please help me to sleep well the next two nights, not contract the nasty eye infection K had yesterday, keep my voice, and not get a huge zit on my nose or forehead.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010



This is my daughter last Friday night at D's office holiday party. There was a band. K just couldn't get enough. She was front and center most of the evening. The guitarist on the right even allowed her to play a few notes...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Once again, I am sick.

This time it is a nasty head cold. Complete with a severe case of laryngitis, a headache, and extremely low energy. I was asleep on the couch last night around 8:45. I also have been having some breathing troubles... I feel like I'm breathing through a straw - a fat one designed for drinking milkshakes. My breaths are shallow and I am winded after walking the 15 steps to our second floor. I don't have much of a cough. I have therefore decided I do not have something serious like bronchitis or pneumonia.

I have been washing my hands after every nose blow, sneeze, and cough. All the while praying that I do not spread my germs to D or K. We have a cookie decorating party, D's office holiday party, Zoo Lights, and other seasonal activities to attend in the coming week. I don't want to miss anything due to illness.

I had planned to get to bed early this evening, but the Steelers/Ravens game is on TV. Here. In my house. I am proud to say I am watching it on our 13 inch TV with rabbit ears. Thankfully our TV reception is good this evening.

Let's go Steelers!

I so rarely get to watch a game - not living in Pittsburgh and not have cable/satellite TV.

I'm going to take a little more advil and grab another cough drop and enjoy some football.

Here's to improved health and a Steelers victory tonight!