Sunday, February 7, 2010


We are digging out. Out from under two FEET of snow. TWO-freaking-FEET.

I'm more sore from shoveling snow yesterday than I was after the NYC marathon. Seriously I have back muscles hurting that I didn't know I had. My shoulders hurt as if I were swimming 10,000 yards a day again. Sore muscles aside, we are living in a winter wonderland. It is beautiful here. And it is like a block party along our street. All the neighbors are out chatting with each other, sharing shovels, and lending a hand to get cars out. It is so nice.

K is loving it. We got her all dressed up in her snow-clothes to brave the elements yesterday as the last few inches were piling up. Here's what it looked like...


Carla said...

pittsburgh is just as bad!

it took us 9 hours to get through our driveway...and that includes the time when we had help from friendly neighbors and their snowblower!

Ruthie said...

You guys stole all of our snow! We haven't see anything here in New England, and my ski gear is gathering dust!!

Tricia said...