I grew up in Pittsburgh (go Steelers!), swam competitively for 13 years, majored in environmental science and biology at a small liberal arts college, got my masters in public health and a PhD in epidemiology, and am a college professor. My husband grew up in south-east Asia, was a skateboarder and wrestler, majored in English at a large state university, and is now a computer systems engineer.

We met volunteering at church, realized we were in love while eating pizza and drinking a beer, dated for nine months, were engaged for five, and have been happily married ever since. After two and a half years of marriage, we had our first child, K. In October 2011, we welcomed a son, C.

Together we are now partners and parents.

We live in a small, rural, mid-western college town and enjoy running marathons and races of other distances, cooking five course dinners, and drinking fine wines together. We proudly own just one car, use cloth diapers, pack our lunches every day, eat vegetarian, and don't own a TV.

We are slowly growing old together.

This blog chronicles our journey. Enjoy the ride...