Monday, January 10, 2011


My goals for the week beginning TODAY:

Mom: develop and deploy a potty training schedule and rewards program for K (little girl is doing really well, but we need a little extra structure and rewards to certify her as potty trained).

Wife: plan/celebrate D's birthday.

Athlete: attend a FREE community yoga class on Sunday afternoon (included here is a trip to the store to by a yoga mat); and get a least four runs in this week (including two in my vibrams).

Health: drink at least four bottles of water on the days I'm at home (this week: T, W, F, S, S)

Friend: confirm time and location of coffee date with friend

Career: finish three more job applications and submit them to employers; follow up with individuals writing me letters of recommendation for a fellowship position.

Student: get ready for the class I'm TAing this semester (classes begin January 24); and complete reading list, which includes: 1. chapter on toxic effects of pesticides and 2. recall bias literature.

Personal Growth: finalize and post goals for 2011; post book list for 2011.

Me: stop at Starbuck and use my coupon for a free cup of coffee.


Blog posts to come: Favorite Things parts IV and V as well as Goals for 2011.

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