Wednesday, August 22, 2012


That's right... we saw the pandas!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


C -

It's hard to believe that you are nearly a year old. You've grown so fast - where has my little baby gone? You've been crawling since late spring and in July you started pulling yourself up into a standing position. These days you are constantly on the move - crawling, climbing, and standing again any object that will support you.

You are now capable of: climbing unassisted onto your sister's bed; jumping on said bed; climbing all the stairs; climbing onto the toy box; climbing into the toy box; lifting the toilet seat, holding it open, and playing in the water; removing the toilet paper roll and unrolling it; pulling the water table over when there is not sufficient water in it to support your weight; and moving the little table and chairs around in the sunroom.

You are one busy little man.

It's pure joy to watch you motor around the house.

You continue to be one pleasant little fellow. Everyone remarks about how smiley you are and how expressive you can be. You have a wonderful pout-y face and when you put your lips together to say "oh, oh" I get the giggles. Your double (triple) chin is still soft and adorable. Watching your personality develop is delightful.

As of today, you:

-- have eight teeth
-- have survived four ear infections
-- weigh about 24 pounds
-- enjoy eating carrots, sweet potatoes, black beans, peas & broccoli, and all kinds of fruit
-- are sucking in the sleep department
-- continue to nurse well
-- like bottles with rice milk
-- cannot stop biting
-- have a nearly full head of hair, which looks to be a light strawberry blonde.

You are a wonderful snuggler. You also love to be held, which can be exhausting. However, the muscle definition of my arms is improving. You love swimming and bath time. You also love anything that belongs to or is being used by your sister (must to her dismay). You are finding your voice and are often heard yelling noises like "di-di-di" or "da-da-da".

We are teaching you to sign. Hopefully that will help you communicate more effectively.

You are such a delight. As you enter your eleventh month of life I pray for no more ear infections and some better nights of sleep. This whole waking up around 2am thing needs to end TONIGHT.

I love you,

Monday, August 20, 2012


Marathon training is going well.

On Saturday I met up with my running group a little late. I started off slowly and started catching the group around mile 2. I ran solo for about three miles. When I approached the trail that runs along the Potomac by the Watergate and Kennedy Center, there was a group of runners and bikers stopped along the trail. I thought I saw someone in the water. As I approached, I did see someone in the water. He was a leisurely biker just in need of cooling off. He appeared safe in the water an the police were in route. So I took off running again.

I started off with another runner, who I found is also part of my running group. He is a nine-time marathon finisher and Boston Qualifier. We ended up running the remaining 11 miles together. I picked his brain about everything from nutrition, training, pacing, and what races to run if I want to set a PR.

With all the chit-chat, the miles flew by. And before I knew it we were sprinting our final half mile.

It was a great 14 mile run.

With two great long runs under my belt these past two weeks, I am ready for this coming Saturday's 18 miler.

Bring it!

Friday, August 10, 2012


The last time I water skied I was 21 years old. It was the summer between my junior and senior year of college - some 13 years ago.

Last weekend we went boating with family friends, and we had a great time.

And, I got up on skies. It is just like riding a bike.

So much fun!

Monday, August 6, 2012


*** Written Monday, July 23, 2012

We arrived in Pittsburgh for a two week vacation at my parents' house on Saturday. And by we I mean me and the kids. D is working at home and will join us later in the week. So we left DC after my long run and lunch with girlfriends on Saturday. After settling in on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, I felt the need to get out and do something. My dad suggested going for a bike ride on the rails-to-trails trail along the Allegheny River.

Riding a bike was the perfect way to recover from my run the day before. It was also a beautiful ride. Unfortunately, we hit a bunch of traffic along the river after the Pirate Game ended. That little interruption aside, it was a great ride. Great exercise, pleasant company, and a fantastic stretch for my legs.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012