Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Tuesday's lunch: spinach salad with roasted cauliflower, bell peppers, green beans and mushrooms.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


C -

It's hard to believe you are four months old already. Time is moving way too fast.

You continue to be such a delightful baby. You smile and giggle all day long. You have definitely found your voice. And you know how to use it... if we aren't giving you the attention that you want (read: face-to-face interaction), you squeal loudly. It's adorable! You spend most of your time these days sucking on things - fingers, thumbs, toys, you name it. The amount of drool you produce amazes me. I am constantly checking to see if your teeth are coming in, but there is no evidence of them yet.

You are still a big boy - in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. One of our neighbors has offered to serve as your agent when you enter the NFL draft! This morning at your doctor's appointment you weighed in at 17.1 pounds and measured 26.5 inches. Unfortunately, you have another yeast infection in the little folds of skin near your backside. We've got some medicated cream and will get that problem under control in no time. 

You have yet to roll over, but are trying hard.

You have a killer grip. Most of the time we find you holding onto your toy rings or our fingers.

Your sister loves to give you hugs and often hugs you by putting her head on your tummy. You love the hugs! You also like pulling her hair. On several occasions we've had to rescue K, who couldn't free herself from your grip.

You love to take a bath.

Your sleep schedule is a little unpredictable. On night's when I teach, I wake you up around 11pm to feed you. Afterward you typically sleep until 5-6am. On nights when I don't teach, I usually skip the 11pm feeding - I just want to go to bed. Some nights you wake up in the wee hours of the morning to eat; other nights you do not. Although I prefer when you sleep until 5-6am, I do not mind the middle of the night feedings. You tend to eat fast and fall right back to sleep. Recently, do to my crazy busy schedule and lack of sleep (I blame your sister), I have been falling asleep while nursing you in the middle of the night. Two nights ago I woke up nearly an hour after I started feeding you. You were sound asleep in my arms and I was sleeping up-right in bed.

Needless to say, being a full-time mom, professor, and wife as well as having a training schedule, household chores, and a (limited) social schedule have left me a little tired.

I love you.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


If you:

a) watch/follow the swimming grand prix series;
b) are Facebook friends with someone who follows the series;
c) watch Good Morning America;
d) watch NBC Nightly News; or
e) read the Huffington Post

then you've probably seen the video of Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers proposing to his girlfriend, Annie Chandler (also a member of the US National Team), on the medal stand at last weekend's swim meet in Missouri. The YouTube clip of the proposal has over 1 million hits.

On USA Swimming's web site there is a lengthy article talking all about the new power couple of the swimming world. Being a sucker for a good engagement story, I took the time to read the article from beginning to end. And I am SO glad that I did.

At the end of the article, author Mike Gustafson talks about how this moment will be remembered forever by everyone at the meet. He goes on further to say:

Long after the records are broken and times bettered, long after the last event has swum, I don’t remember the races. No one really does. We won’t remember the heats, titles, or championships. We only remember the people we met. The people we trained with. The friendships we made. The people we loved. That’s swimming. That’s why our world is so unique. 

I couldn't have said it better myself. What a beautiful statement about the sport I love(d) and completed in for more than 13 years.

I met and became friends with some amazing swimmers throughout my swimming career. I'm still in touch with teammates from my age group team. The same is true for many of my high school teammates as well as one of my high school coaches. As for my college teammates, well, they are near and dear to my heart. They are all some amazing people; I'm honored to call them friends.

What is also so true for me is that...

I cannot remember what my high school record time in the 100 butterfly was. Nor can I tell you what place my 400 freestyle relay got at the NCAA meet in 1998. What I do remember are all the hugs and congratulations I received from teammates and friends on other teams after I swam my last 100 butterfly at the state championship meet. I also remember my teammate, Jamie, jumping off of the awards podium - fully clothed - after we received our award for the 400 freestyle relay at the 1998 NCAA meet (it was her way of celebrating the end of her swimming career).

I have memories to last a lifetime.

Mike Gustafson was so right in what he wrote. It has been 12 years since I completed as a swimmer (exactly 12 years as this weekend is the NCAC Swimming & Diving Championships) and, truth be told, I only remember the people - my teammates and friends. Those that I trained with (who doesn't remember completing Coach E's b*stard set?!?). The friendships we made. The people I loved and still do.

That's swimming.

And for all my swimming buddies reading this post, I love you. It has been an honor to be both your teammate and your friend.

**Go Gators!!


Belated post due to illness and sleep deprivation.

Free morning entertainment provided by the trash & recycling trucks + a bowl of steel cut oats with PB and brown sugar make for some wonderful morning memories.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I lost my voice.

I am sick.

My throat hurts; my head aches; I am exhausted.

Everyone told me that when K went to school this year I should be prepared for her to get sick more often. Sure little girl was really sick before Thanksgiving, but other than a stuffy nose here and there she has been so healthy. I, on the other hand, have been sick too often this winter. First there was the sinus and ear infections at Christmas. Now I have some viral throat and upper respiratory thing going on.

My throat hurts so bad.

I feel like I am breathing through a straw - my lungs feel inflamed and constricted.

Yesterday I made the terrible mistake of teaching a three hour class. Most of the class period was spent working on an exercise, but I also lectured for nearly an hour. By the time I was finished, I was SO tired and my voice was SO weak. I have spent all day trying to recover from last night and getting myself to a better place healthwise.

With two kids, a job, preschool pick-up and drop-off, household chores, dirty diapers, and a training schedule I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the present moment. I simply do not have time to be sick. I'm not sure how my body is going to recover or if there is enough time for it to do so. I skipped my spinning class on Monday and today I only did 2.5 miles. I may skip my spinning class again tomorrow depending on how I sleep tonight and feel tomorrow.

Part of me wishes I had the ability to stay in bed all day and just heal. But that isn't my reality. I can though choose to listen to my body. I can get to bed at a decent hour, I can skip workouts and rest, I can shorten my class or decide not to lecture at all.

I need to get well.

I need my voice back.

I need to rest and then get back to normal day-to-day activities.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yesterday I, along with thousands of other runners around the world, participated in a virtual run in honor of Sherry Arnold, who was killed while out for a morning run a little over five weeks ago.

Participating in the run was SO important to me. I think of Sherry as a kindred spirit (of sorts)... we both had two kids - one girl and one boy, we both loved to run, we both were teachers, we both taught math (I teach statistics - its in the same family), we both enjoyed a mug of coffee each morning before heading out for the day. I can imagine that if we had known one another we could have been friends. So I ran to honor and remember her. I also ran because my heart breaks for her family, friends, and community. Running yesterday was a way for me to support them; to be strong for them. I ran knowing that their hearts were breaking and have been broken for weeks now.

I started my run with a moment of silence and a prayer.

View with my head bowed. 

And then I took off. As I entered into Rock Creek Park, I picked a daffodil (don't tell the U.S. Park Service as I am sure it is illegal to pick flowers in the park). I ran with the daffodil for another 5.5 miles - a symbolic gesture to remind me that I was running in honor and for someone.

At the 6.57 mile mark, I arrived at the Memorial Bridge - the bridge across the Potomac River that links Washington DC to Virginia. My plan was to drop the flower off the bridge and into the water; however high winds prevented me from doing so. Instead I released the flower into the water, in honor of Sherry and in celebration of her life, while looking at the bridge.

And then I ran home.

It was one of the best runs I've had in ages. I'm proud to dedicate the run to Sherry.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Captured: a tender moment between brother & sister. Emphasis on a moment.