Friday, September 30, 2011


We are at WAR in our house.



Our enemy: a little legion of mice. This little legion is comprised of three mice - that we know of... Two of these little buggers have been caught. The first we caught last week using a humane trap stuffed with blue cheese (yes, we went with the really good stuff to catch this little bugger). Last night we caught one of the remaining two mice using a snap trap; no bait. This little sucker was messing around in our pantry (where he and his little buddy ate through several wrapped granola bars) and David went all postal on him.

He set up a second snap trap in our pantry and loaded it with granola bar as bait.

We are at war.

These little buggers have made their home in our home long enough. They have eaten enough of our granola bars and eaten into more than their fair share of chocolate chips and sprinkles. Their eating habits have forced us to buy more plastic storage containers that I'd like to admit. Everything - flour, sugar, crackers, granola bars, nuts, sprinkles, pasta, all wheat products, oatmeal - is now in plastic storage containers. And yet the remaining little bugger was in our pantry last night.

We are at war.

Defcon 1.

Updates forthcoming.


To my father: we promise to end the war (having won it) before you visit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hard to believe she is almost three and that in the coming days she'll be a big sister...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


During the past two weeks, we've seen the beginning and the end in our house...

In mid-September, K started her first year of preschool. It was her beginning. She's enrolled in a wonderful little Montessori school about a mile from our house. She is loving it. It cracks me up to see her leave the house each morning with her little backpack.

A few days after K started school, I finished. After four L-O-N-G years of a PhD program, I finally finished YESTERDAY. At 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant, I defended my dissertation. I did not look as cute as K. In fact, I ripped two pairs of tights before leaving the house - because I was sweating so hard (nerves and high humidity; not to mention being 22 pounds heavier). I left the house sweating like a pig in a pair of pants and a nice shirt. I planned to change into my dress and buy new tights while in Baltimore, but I never did. I defended in my pants, which actually made me really happy because I was able to hide my swollen legs, ankles and feet. No pictures were taken.

In fact, I am so big pictures of me today are few and far between. This is one of the few taken in the last week. This is my view these days...

My tummy is as large as she is cute.