Monday, January 3, 2011


During the past six months, I've followed (read: stalked) Anne Marie at Goals for the Week. She's a mom, runner, triathlete, and goal setter. Each week (usually Sunday) she writes out her goals for the week on her blog. Her weekly goals are the stepping stones needed to meet her one-, three-, five- and ten-year goals. And her goals are categorized by the different roles she plays and priorities she has (i.e., mom, friend, wife, athlete, health, etc). What can I say... she's organized, driven, and capable of dreaming/aiming for big things.

I aspire to be so organized, driven, and capable of dreaming big.

So I did something I normally don't do... I wrote Anne Marie an email and talked with her a little bit about her goal setting. I read nearly two years worth of blog posts by her. And I did a lot of thinking and organizing myself.

And I've decided to make it one of my goals for 2011 to not only set goals for this year, but to also to set goals for each week.

Later this week I will post my goals for 2011 (but not until I have reviewed by goals from 2010 and reflected a la Jill). My goals for this year will focus on 12 categories/roles: mom, wife, athlete, health, friend, career, finance, home, community, student, personal growth, and me. I'll address the specifics of each category when I outline my yearly goals. But tonight I am aiming to complete the first of 52 posts outlining my weekly goals. Now, some of these goals may look like items on a to-do list and that is just fine with me. These little goals or to-dos are the necessary steps I believe will help me to achieve my year-long goals for 2011.

And with that, my goals for the week of January 3, 2011:

Mom: take K out to story hour or some other structured activity during the week; and sort through her toys and put old ones in storage bins.

Wife: encourage D to make plans for his upcoming birthday and work sabbatical.

Athlete: commence training for National 1/2 Marathon; attend spinning class on Wednesday at lunchtime.

Health: cut out coffee creamer and sugar in coffee/tea from diet.

Career: finish three job applications and send them to potential employers.

Student: finish writing data analysis plan for specific aims 1 & 3 of my dissertation.

Personal Growth: finalize the list of books I plan to read this year and order/reserve them at library.

Me: Go to bed before 9:30 one night this week.

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