Saturday, January 1, 2011


This December ended with quite a bang. In the final 10 days of the year, I successfully passed my dissertation proposal defense, celebrated my 33rd birthday (or Candy Cane Celebration as Jill likes to call it), celebrated the birth of Christ, enjoyed friends and family, had my last supper at More's, and rang in the new year. Many stories need to be told and pictures need to be shared. To do so, I'm going to write a five-part (possibly more) series highlighting some of my favorite things that happened or I received during the last ten days of 2010.

Part I: my new favorite running gear

I ran a lot in 2010; 1105.24 miles to be exact. And I have plans to run more in 2011 (more to come on goals for the new year in the days to come). For my birthday, D got me a pair of Vibram Five Fingers running shoes. The whole barefoot running movement has really caught my attention and the five fingers look so cool. I was thrilled when I received a pair as a gift. I spent time at my parents house just walking around in them and then experimented with them on the treadmill. It took a little while, but I started to like the way they felt on my feet. Yesterday I went out for my first real run in them. And I LOVED them. I liked feeling my feet hit the pavement; feeling the cold ground beneath me; and the soreness on my bottom and in my lower calves. I'm looking forward to running in them more - including a race sometime this year!

D also got me Chi Running (the book) as a Christmas gift. 

I'm hoping to improve my running, strength, and enjoyment of running in 2011.

I've also wanted a Garmin running watch for the longest time. And over Christmas I scored on on craigslist for half price. The guy I purchased my Forerunner 305 from had only used it three times. It was still in the box and in perfect condition. HUGE SCORE! 

Yesterday I went out for a run with a new playlist, new Garmin, and new Five Fingers (for the last mile of a 4.5 mile run). It was awesome.

I love my new gear! 

My new shoes, new garmin, and new book are high on my list of FAVORITE THINGS from the last ten days of 2010.

K loves my new shoes, too. Here's my little future marathoner trying on her first pair of Five Fingers.

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