Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've set a lot of goals for the year, but the ones that scare me the most are my reading goals. As mentioned previously, I did not read a single book during 2010. I read A LOT for my dissertation and when I came at night the idea of cracking open a book made me want to throw up a little in my mouth. So I didn't read - ANYTHING.

But the list of books I wanted to read kept growing.

So I decided that not only did I need to set a serious reading goal for the new year, I needed to have a serious plan in place.

Here is the plan...

First I decided which books I wanted to read (explanation for each book below). Then I bought them (note: I borrowed The Help, Breaking Dawn and Born To Run from friends).

Here they are in all their glory.

Now that I have all of the books, I am looking for a place (in everyday eye sight) to put all of them. This is to remind me of my goal of reading all of them.  I've also set aside time at least four times each week for reading. These times do vary week-to-week depending on our activities, but I am going to sit down at least four times each week and read.

I also am aiming to read the entire Bible in a year. I'll be honest...I've tried to do this before and have failed miserably. My failure has been due to at least two things... 1) accessibility - not having the Bible and my reading plan at my fingertips when I have the time to read; and 2) timing --- waiting until minutes before I need to be asleep to read.

To deal with these failures, I've decided to go with an online reading plan. I'm using the YouVersion chronological plan. As a college history minor, I'm enjoying reading the Bible in the order in which events occurred. And as a Biblical dummy, I don't know what to expect next. Who knew that after several chapters of Genesis the chronological order of the Bible goes to Job? Seriously? The mystery and surprise of the chronological plan keeps me coming back each day. 

I'm proud to write the I am up-to-date on my Bible reading. And it has been easy to keep up --- mostly because I have a computer at my fingertips at all times during the day.

I'm hoping that having a plan in place and the books I want to read decided upon and in our house will help me achieve my reading goals for the year. Other suggestions/motivations for keeping up / on top of your reading plans? Please let me know.


Why these books?
Celebration of Discipline --- this is one of D and my mom's favorites. I've read bits and pieces of it, but never the entire thing. It is one of the books D and I planned to read together a couple of years ago, but that didn't materialize. This is one of those books I feel like I need to read. NOW.

Me, Myself, and Bob --- this is the story of the bankruptcy of Veggie Tales. It chronicles the creator's spiritual journey from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows of his career. It was the subtitle alone that made me want to read this book: a true story about God, dreams, and talking vegetables.

Anatomy of the Soul --- quite simply, I want to read this book because the author goes to our church. He attended our wedding and has been a huge support to us. I cannot wait to read all he has written!
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families --- this is the book D and I will be reading together (our reading plan begins March 1). D is a big fan of Steven Covey; I appreciate what he has to say. I think the book will provide a good framework for us to use as we start planning long-term for our family.
Run Like a Mother --- this book is all the rage among the online group of women I run/blog with. I've read bits and pieces of the book and really want to read the whole thing. I've been told to be prepared to laugh and cry.

Born To Run --- again, another recommendation from a friend. I'm about 50 pages into it and it is a great story. I've heard that it is both inspirational and motivational. I can't wait.

The Help --- this book was recommended by a good friend, my college advisor and my mother. How could I not read it? Plus it is being made into a movie - sounds like a perfect mother / daughter date in the future!

Chi Running --- D got me this book for Christmas. He's a thoughtful and well researched gift buyer. I know I need to read this one.

Breaking Dawn --- yes, this is the fourth book of the Twilight series. And, yes, I have read the other three books. I read this article in The Atlantic magazine a few years ago and decided I needed to read the first book of the series. After about 100 pages I was hooked. I must finish the series. And although I do not (highly) recommend the books, I do recommend reading the Atlantic article.


Ruthie said...

Hehe.. I read the entire Twilight series during long stretches of evening nursing sessions with Little Bee. To this day, every time I see a trailer for the movie, I get all warm and cuddly thinking about my baby. It's some weird Pavlovian response, I'm sure...

WASPY GIRL said...

Great goals and great books! I've read most of the Bible, OT and NT, except the major and minor prophets in the OT (from Isaiah thru the end). Now that you mention it, that may be a good goal for this year. Thanks for the idea. Good luck getting thru Leviticus and Numbers.

Rachel said...

You've got two of my favorite books of 2010 in that stack - The Help and Born to Run. LOVED them both. Enjoy!
PS: Found you on Tall Mom 1000+ Club. Looking forward to following your blog.