Thursday, January 17, 2013


For what seems like the 100th time this winter, someone in our house is sick.

Since mid-December we've had strep throat, fevers, bronchitis, ear infections, eye infections, sinus infections, coughs, runny noses, runny eyes, eyes matted shut with green goop, and a partridge in a pear tree

This time around C is running a fever, blowing green snot bubbles, and pulling at his ears. We're off to the pediatrician in half an hour. I'm betting on double ear infections, a sinus infection, and the beginnings of an eye infection. For like the bajillenth time this year he'll be on antibiotics. Hopefully this time will be the last.

Having sick kids sucks. Without words C struggles to tell us he is not feeling well. His tell is his sick moan. He lies in his crib and just moans. Aaaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaah. Baaaaaaaaah. He doesn't scream. He doesn't cry. He just moans. Continually. We've learned that the moaning means he is hurting and he's hot. Last night the moaning began around 10pm. D held him until 10:30 (which is when I found the tylenol, which I failed to unpack after our vacation last week). I stayed up with him until midnight. He went back to sleep until 4am. He was up until 5:30 and then we all slept until 7:30. It was a long, painful, HOT night. Snuggling and holding a feverish baby for hours on end is not only exhausting, but it is hot. Smoldering.

This brings us to now. We're heading to the pediatrician - to hang out with other sick kids. It is going to be great.


Post-appointment update: "raging" ear infection in his right ear, but he tested negative for both the flu and RSV. We're thankful for that. Thankfully he is sleeping now (8:15). Here's hoping he sleeps for most of the night. I'm planning to go to bed now.

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