Friday, January 18, 2013


We returned from a FABULOUS vacation in southern California last Saturday.

We returned to a week full of work, school, meetings, crazy (predicted) winter weather, lots of mail, tax forms, and illness. It wasn't until yesterday when I ran into a wine store in DuPont Circle (to buy D some birthday wine) that I realized I didn't have my ID. Upon realizing my ID was not in my wallet, I assumed it was in the pocket of the jeans I wore home on the plane. When I got home I checked my jeans. My ID was not there.

This was yesterday. Thursday.

With C's illness and our lack of sleep, I didn't even think about my ID after checking my jeans.

That is until today... when a little white envelop arrived in the mail. It was from United Airlines at Washington Reagan National Airport. Turns out I left my ID either on our flight home or somewhere in the airport.

To whomever found my ID and mailed it back to me, thank you.

I am so grateful that I don't have to replace it and deal with the DMV.

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Becca said...

My sister left her Kindle on a Southwest flight when we flew home last month, and they called her when they found it and sent it back! The funny thing was when the package showed up they sent her some guy's iPad... we did the right thing and took it back to Southwest, but I was still impressed they were able to get in touch with her and get her Kindle back to her. There still are good people out there!