Friday, January 11, 2013


I set a lot of goals for 2012. After a year of pregnancy, maternity leave, and a new job, I left the need to get organized and focused at the beginning of last year. After a look back on 2012, I realize I set out to do too much and was little too excited to have a productive year. Life slowed me down; as did illness, new opportunities, and the need to slow down (at times). Although I know I set out to accomplish too much, I feel it worthwhile to look at what I did do this past year.

So... here's a review of my 2012 goals (complete with necessary commentary):

-- Encourage and support D while he is on sabbatical - I believe I achieved this, but D would be a more suitable judge. I felt like I supported him, but he might feel differently
-- Read Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Family together and write a family mission statement - fail. I did not read this book
-- Train for an run two races together - complete success! We ran the DC Rock n Roll half marathon (did not finish together -- D was too fast for me) and finished the Richmond Marathon together
-- Plan one date (out of the house) per quarter - if long runs together count (which I believe they do), we did this! We did two 20+ runs together before the marathon and had several dinners out together. We also attended some functions - including K's school's silent auction - together.

-- Read to K & C every day - K & C were read to every day. I wasn't always the reader - sometimes it was Daddy or Grandma, but each day they were read to!
-- Introduce K to a new food every two weeks - I didn't keep track of this one, but I feel confident that K tried at least 21 new foods this year. We eat a variety of seasonal foods at home and encourage (read: force) her to try what we're eating. I feel confident that she tried a lot of new foods this year.
-- Introduce C to a new healthy food every week (once he starts solids) - definitely accomplished this. C eats everything. Sometimes I worry he won't stop eating!
-- Take monthly photos of C on his birthday - complete fail
-- Take one photo every day using Photo365 app - complete fail
-- (During summer) plan one outing per week -- pool, museum, spray park, Rock Creek Park, Arboritum - done! We did SO much this past summer. I took our double stroller everywhere!

-- Run (at least) 1,000 miles - done
-- Streak (run every day) in January - done
-- Set PRs in half and full marathon (read: run a sub-1:57 half and sub-4:14 full) - done
-- Run the hill on 13th Street every time - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER walk up the hill - done
-- Cross-train once per week - I did great for the first half of the year (spinning weekly); not so much during the fall semester

-- Lose remaining pregnancy weight (~15 pounds) - done
-- Get K & C moving at least three times a week - gymnastics, swimming, bike riding, playing at the park - it wasn't always organized, but we moved a lot (running at the spray park, swimming, biking, scooter riding, etc...)
-- make/try a new healthy snack once per month - done. We made granola bars,

-- Organize/plan a professional photo shoot in October (with grandparents and other family members) - did not happen
-- Plan family vacation to California  - 100% success

-- Participate and engage in the young moms group at church - fail; I joined a running group instead
-- Plan at least sic coffee dates with friends - fail
-- Build relationships with new colleagues - I've started, but relationships are slow to form

-- Write articles based on dissertation and get them published - done
-- Submit final written dissertation - long story(!!)

-- Track our spending - fail
-- Stick to our budget - fail
-- Set savings goals - for big purchases we want/need to make - fail

-- Paint our bedroom - fail
-- Plant a vegetable garden with K - complete success. We had one heck of a garden
-- Create a workable home office for D and me - fail

-- Read: Born to Run and The Seven Habits - fail
-- Run a race for a cause - to raise money for a worthy organization - fail

-- Complete a yearlong photo challenge (in addition to the 365Photo) - fail
-- Save money for a bike and kid's bikeseat - fail
-- Get involved in social activities at work - sort of achieved. I participated in some activities outside of work hours, but nothing consistently

All in all, 2012 was a great year. As I stated, I set out to do a whole lot and didn't come through on all of it. D and I have a lot to do in terms of working together to track our spending and budgeting. We also want to spend time together building and planning for our family.

A lot if brewing for 2013. Details will be forthcoming...

I have set some goals for 2013 (to be posted in the coming days), but this year I'm going to scale things back a bit. Using the categories above, I'm going to set one goal in each. This will help me to focus on each and not feel overwhelmed. 

Thanks for a great one, 2012!  

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Sarah said...

I'd say you got a lot done!!!!