Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My "ME" goal for this year is to complete a 365 day photo project. One picture each day.

It sounds so simple while typing it, but keeping up with it, being sure I took a picture, saving said pictures, and then posting them can be a lot of work. But really, with an iPhone and my camera (not to mention K's little point & shoot, which is lying around here somewhere) there is no excuse for not taking one picture each day. And the point of doing a 365 day project isn't to have 365 perfect pictures. It is (for me) to capture 365 memories during the year - both the big moments and them small.

For the past couple of months have felt like a whirlwind. We have traveled A LOT. I have worked non-stop and been bombarded with students who NEED my attention. We've also been sick (strep throat, bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections, eye infections --- you name it and we've probably had it. Three of us ran fevers of greater than 103* in the past three weeks -- lovely, I know). It wasn't until we were on vacation last week that I actually slowed down and enjoyed life. It was during this period of slowing down that I saw so much beauty and joy in the day to day activities of my life. This has inspired/challenged me to complete the 365 day photo project. I want to chronicle all the beauty and joy and memories.

I'm also finding that taking the time at the end of every day to look over the day's photos and reflect on all that is good, funny, joyful, memorable, and/or beautiful in our life is a wonderful way to end the day. I am hoping to keep continue with the project and continue to have such a wonderful perspective will continue throughout the year.

Starting at midnight tonight, my first 15 days from this year will go live. Then beginning tomorrow a new picture will be posted every day.

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