Monday, January 14, 2013


* this is a long time coming...

On November 10, 2012 I finished the Richmond Marathon in 4:03:14. Three minutes and fourteen seconds slower than my goal time. But a PR by more than 14 minutes!

Overall, it was a great race.

Until mile 23 I was on pace (9:06 per mile) to finish under four hours. However, some serious stomach issues caused me to walk for two blocks around mile 20. I walked so that I wouldn't throw up. I should have just 'puked and rallied'. Instead I walked it off and then threw up at mile 25. This is where and how I lost my precious three minutes and fourteen seconds.

My upset stomach was likely caused by the Accelerade served along the course. Both the liquid and gel forms did not agree with my stomach. I will never eat the gel or drink the liquid again. Never.

Aside from the stomach issues, it really was a great race. D and I ran the whole thing together. We enjoyed running along the river and smiled through the candy stops (loved eating gummy bears and downing a coke while running). I smiled throughout the race and thoroughly enjoyed the downhill finish. It was also great having my good friend, Becky, and K out on the course cheering us on. We saw them along the course four times. It was awesome! So glad K was there to see what a marathon is all about.

My goal is still to run a sub-4 hour marathon! My plan is to achieve this goal in NYC in November...

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Anonymous said...

So, do you get to automatically be in the NYC marathon even though it was canceled last year?