Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 GOALS

-- Train for and run two races together (we're planning to run the Pittsburgh 1/2 and NYC full together)

-- Track our activities/outings and cooking adventures. I love getting out of the house with my kids and we do a lot of fun stuff together - I believe we are creating memories to last a lifetime! But I'm not good at documenting (in photos or words) our outings (especially our day-to-day adventures). This year I want to work with K to keep a written journal and keep a photo journal for C. I'd also like to take the time to create photo memory books for each of the kids this year.

-- Set PRs in half and full marathon (read: run a sub-1:54 half and sub-4:03 full). Running a sub-4 hour marathon is a priority for me!

-- Track my caloric intake each day

-- Institutionalize at least two family traditions. Pizza Friday is our family's thing, but as the kids are getting older, I want us to have other things that we do together. I'm thinking of 1) a family game or movie night each week; and 2) summer hiking trips to local parks each week (like we did last year). I'm open to other traditions and would welcome suggestions.

-- Work with my friend, Becca, to organize our college swim team's reunion at the Pittsburgh RnR half marathon in August. This includes designing our shirts for the race and organizing pre- and post-race activities.

-- Submit at least two articles for publication and one grant proposal.

-- Work with D to set financial goals for both long-term, short-term and emergency purchases.

-- Create/organize our home office so that both D and I can (successfully) work there at the same time.

-- Read at least four books (one each quarter).

-- Complete a yearlong photo challenge


Becca said...

Oh my gosh, I got another mention! We are definitely going to make some headway on this reunion thing! It WILL happen!

Anonymous said...

Photo books are on my list too (my list is mental at this point).

I loved the My Fitness Pal app for tracking calories when I was trying to lose baby weight.

I wish I could run the Pittsburgh 1/2 with y'all. A 1/2 marathon will be on my list someday.