Tuesday, January 24, 2012


C -

During the past month, you've traveled, met your great-grandmother, celebrated your first Christmas, and been doted on by many, many, many new friends. And through it all, you've had a smile on your face. You continue to be such a delightful, go-with-the-flow child.

Over the holidays we drove to United States Grandma & Grandpa's house twice. We were a quiet traveler - so much so that I often asked your sister what you were doing because you were so quiet for so long. While at their house, we introduced you to your Great Grandmother. She's 94 years old now. She lives on her own and still drives a car. She keeps a busy schedule - including a roundtrip to Texas for Christmas. You met her before she look off on her trip. I'm so happy to have some fantastic pictures of you with her and your sister. It is beautiful sight to see her with you guys. I was so happy and proud to introduce you to her. And I'm so glad that you've experienced her hugs and kisses and love. She is one special lady!

You spent most of Christmas day on your father's lap sucking his pinky finger. Grandma got you a couple of squeaky toys as gifts. You also got clothes, a winter hat and gloves, and a snow-suit from other friends and family. Your camouflage little brother onesie is my favorite.

After the new year, I headed back to work.

Your nanny is quite smitten with you and you bring her a lot of joy just by smiling at her. Unfortunately, you are not very cooperative when it comes to eating from a bottle. Most days you don't eat from 9ish (when I nurse you) until 4:30 or so in the afternoon. And then you chug - 5-6 oz at a time. Now that I'm teaching two nights a week you I'm not drinking from the bottle stubbornness is stressing me out a little. Please drink up little guy, drink up!

In terms of developmental milestones, this past month has been full of smiles, cooing, and other fun noises. You have also started putting things in your mouth - mostly toys and adult fingers. And when your sister lays down next to you you have been known to grab her hair and hold it tight. She is not a big fan of this. You've shown no interest in rolling over. Instead you are quite content on your back.

The first week of January, we finally got you a crib and you moved in with your big sister. We were a little nervous about this at first - we didn't want her bad sleeping habits/patterns to rub off on you. However, much to our surprise the room sharing situation has gone really well. K really enjoys having you nearby. 

You continue to be a rockstar sleeper. Thank you. You occasionally wake up between 3-5am to eat, but it's rare that this happens. And when you do, you go right back to sleep. Most mornings I have to wake you up. And when I do, you just lay there in your crib and smile up at me.

What a wonderful way to start the morning.

I am so enjoying getting to know you and loving you.



fancy nancy said...

Oh my word he is so precious!!

Sarah said...

He is so cute!!!! I am so happy we both got sleepers the second time around because WE EARNED IT!!!! :)

slowly growing old together said...

S - I am still earning it. It is rare for K to sleep the entire night through.