Thursday, January 5, 2012


We had the most wonderful holiday season (ignoring the fact that I had sinus and ear infections the week prior to Christmas). Due to D's work schedule, we traveled the week before Christmas. We arrived in time to go into the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to cut down a tree with United States Grandma and Grandpa (read: my parents).

The day after our perfect blue spruce was chopped down, K spent considerable time decorating the tree. She had so much fun. She definitely has her own style. Not wanting to upset K or discourage her creative/artistic flare, my mother did not touch a single ornament or piece of ribbon that she hung. She's such a kind grandma!

We, as well as my parents, stuck to our three gift rule (three gifts because there were three wise men) this year. There was much excitement of Christmas day. My mom's craftiness took center stage; as did Maria from The Sound of Music. Below is K in her Christmas dress and her long tutu (made by my mom), which she calls her Liesl dress. She was captivated by the movie (also a Christmas gift). In the bottom two pictures she is wearing her princessa outfit. Her short pink tutu (again made by my mom) with matching wand and tiara.

C slept through most of the Christmas Day activities. He did get a hand-made stocking from my mom (again, best.grandma.ever). 

D and I enjoyed out time away. We got out for several runs together withOUT kids (I believe we ran 20 miles together over the course of eight days). We also went shopping together a few times. It was delightful.

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WASPY GIRL said...

We got the Sound of Music too! J. surprised us, after vowing it would never cross our television screen ever again.