Friday, January 20, 2012


This week has been crazy busy - full of events both big and small; some of importance and others not so much. Here are some snippets from this past week...

Monday D stayed home with the kids and I headed off to work. Classes start this Monday and there was a lot of work to be done. D took the kids shopping - K earned a new pair of pajamas (she got two!) as a reward for a hygiene-related accomplishment. She also got a new dress and running shoes. D texted me several times while they were out saying the day was going well. I arrived home around 5 to find that my baby had refused to take a bottle The kid nursed at 8am and didn't eat until 5pm when I got home. He is one stubborn little buddy. But he is also so stinking cute. Love him.

We are working on getting him to take a bottle. It's hard work.

Wednesday I had jury duty. It was my fourth time being summoned in the ten year (yes, 10 years) I've lived in the city. Thankfully I was not even called for a panel. We were sent home before 3pm. Hallelujah!

Yesterday I completed my first run of more than 1 mile at a pace under 9:00/mile. I ran a hilly 2.51 miles averaging 8:44/mile. Yeah me! I also posted my syllabus and lecture slides for my first class on Monday. I cannot believe I start teaching on MONDAY.

I got home from work yesterday to learn that my baby refused the bottle all day (again). Thankfully around 4pm he decided he was hungry enough to eat from the bottle. He gobbled down 6 oz in one sitting. Way to go!

Today... not sure where to begin... I completed my 20th day of straight running at 10:27pm.

I painted K's fingernails purple this afternoon. And then she dressed up like this and danced in front of the mirror for a considerable amount of time.

After painting her fingernails, she disappeared into the office. After some silence I called her name. No response. I tried to enter the office, but the door was locked. I finally got her attention. About five minutes later (five minutes of complete silence) she tried to unlock the door. It took her another five minutes to get the door unlocked. And then she couldn't turn the knob to let herself out. I knew something bad was going on behind that locked door. When I finally got the door open I walked into one bad smelling room. K had found a vile of frankincense and myrrh oil and she anointed herself. The smell was almost more than I could handle. My nose is still burning from the exposure. She was covered in oil (hence her inability to open the door after it was unlocked). I scrubbed her down, wiped off our desk and made her change her clothes to help get rid of the smell, but honestly it is going to be days before our house smells normal again. And we have moved the oil to a HIGH shelf where she can no longer access it.

We made some homemade granola bars. They taste great, but are a crumbly mess. I made K eat her's with a spoon. It was a healthy snack recipe fail.

And now, at 11:11pm, the snow is falling outside. Freezing rain is supposed to start falling around midnight. We are bracing ourselves for an inside day tomorrow.

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Sarah said...

Loved this post! Firstly, Colin is truly adorable. And it strikes me as so typically girly to dance in front of the mirror-love it! The oil story tops any of the shenanigans my boys have pulled off-way to go K! :)

I'm also jealous of the snow. It's one thing that makes me sad about living in GA-my kids won't know snow. :(