Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Last month several women I know through blogging and Daily Mile successful completed the challenge set by Tall Mom to run every day of the month. At the beginning of December the run everyday challenge sounded like a great idea to me, but as the days wore on I became lazy and intimidated.

What was I intimated by/about?

Making time to run every single day. I'm really good at scheduling four runs or so a week and I walk pretty much everywhere (to K's school, to the store, and to the f-a-r away parking lot at work). But to run every day - that was more than I thought I could handle. Fitting in a run everyday seemed impossible - between getting dressed and out the door and then running at my then comfortable 10 min/mile pace that amounted to runs lasting 45 minutes to an hour. That is a big daily time commitment for a getting back to work mom of two small kids (whose husband is now in the throws of training for an ultra-marathon). Needless to say I did not run every day of December. I was totally intimated by the time commitment because to me running every day meant getting in a 3-5 mile run everyday.

But then I read this blog post by the Sweaty Betties on New Years Eve Day... Running everyday - just one mile - amounts to 10 minutes of running. Do this on the treadmill and it is 5 minutes to get dressed, 30 seconds to descend to the basement and 10 minutes to run. FIFTEEN-FREAKING-MINUTES a day.

I can do that.

And do that I have. Beginning on January 1, I have run, walked, or run/walked every single day.

My Daily Mile weekly report last week was inspiring.

There is no reason for me not being to run, walk or run/walk every single day (some days have to be walk days because of a sore nerve in my right leg). I can take 15 minutes to run - even if I do it at 10pm (which I've done many an evening).

And I feel great about all the exercise. My mind is clear, my legs are gaining strength, and my confidence is increasing.

I will run/walk every day in January. And I will probably do the same in February.

Streaking sure feels good. And it is great to know that so many others are streaking during the month of January as well. Kerrie is aiming to do it for all of 2012. How inspiring is that?!?!

I'm going to take my streaking one month at a time.

I have big plans to run several half and at least one full marathon this year. I may need a true rest day in the midst of all that training. But for now, this mama, who still has 10 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose and a running partner (Becca) to keep up with, will be streaking for the entire month of Janaury.

Woo hoo!


In other news:

-- Classes begin in less than two weeks. I have a lot of work to do.

-- It snowed yesterday and was in the 50s today. Keeping up with the weather is hard work.

-- We hired a cleaning lady. Best.decision.ever.

-- I signed up to participate in a Resolution Fitness Challenge at work - not sure about all the details, but looking forward to making some fitness friends on campus.

-- My two babies are officially sharing a room (yes, we finally got a crib for C).

-- I fell asleep at 9:30 last night with K. And then slept through my alarm this morning. We were a little rushed on our way out this morning, but the massive amount of sleep (interrupted only once by K) felt so good.

-- C continues to be a rockstar in the sleep department. For this I am eternally grateful.

-- Sad that the NFL season ended (for me) on Sunday with the Steelers loss.


Becca said...

Your streaking has kept me going, especially the other night! It's funny how I think I am trying to keep up with you and you think you are trying to keep up with me. We are going to rock DC in March!

fancy nancy said...

I saw the cleaning lady part and thought....oh that would be great! Congrats on your streak! I may join you for February! What kind of treadmill do you have? I have been shopping around for one!!

Sorry about the Stealers but we Pats fans are happy you aren't heading here!! You always seem to pull something out!