Saturday, January 14, 2012


In 15 minutes I'm planning to head down our basement and watch NBC's coverage of the Olympic Trials for the marathon. I'm so excited. This morning I was explaining to K what the Olympics are and the importance/big deal of the Trials. As I was talking about the sports, competition, opening ceremony, and tradition of the Olympic torch, I found myself tearing up. There is so much excitement and emotion involved in sports. I'm so excited it is an Olympic year.

2012 is going to be great.

I'm excited about the Olympics (heck, I'm excited to watch the marathon trials today and the swimming trials in June).

I'm also excited for my year ahead.

There is much I want to accomplish. Details are below. My plan to to do monthly (or possibly bimonthly) check-ins to track how I am doing. I want to keep track of the new foods I'm introducing/trying, recipes that work, outings I plan or attend to make sure I am on track to achieve all of my goals by the end of the year.

Like last year, I have organized my goals by my roles and responsibilities.


-- Encourage and support D while he is on sabbatical
-- Read Seven Habits of a Highly Effective Family together and write a family mission statement
-- Train for an run two races together
-- Plan one date (out of the house) per quarter

-- Read to K & C every day
-- Introduce K to a new food every two weeks
-- Introduce C to a new healthy food every week (once he starts solids)
-- Take monthly photos of C on his birthday
-- Take one photo every day using Photo365 app
-- (During summer) plan one outing per week -- pool, museum, spray park, Rock Creek Park, Arboritum

-- Run (at least) 1,000 miles
-- Streak (run every day) in January
-- Set PRs in half and full marathon (read: run a sub-1:57 half and sub-4:14 full)
-- Run the hill on 13th Street every time - NEVER, NEVER, NEVER walk up the hill
-- Cross-train once per week

-- Lose remaining pregnancy weight (~15 pounds)
-- Get K & C moving at least three times a week - gymnastics, swimming, bike riding, playing at the park
-- make/try a new healthy snack once per month

-- Organize/plan a professional photo shoot in October (with grandparents and other family members)
-- Plan family vacation to California 

-- Participate and engage in the young moms group at church
-- Plan at least sic coffee dates with friends
-- Build relationships with new colleagues

-- Write articles based on dissertation and get them published
-- Submit final written dissertation

-- Track our spending
-- Stick to our budget
-- Set savings goals - for big purchases we want/need to make

-- Paint our bedroom
-- Plant a vegetable garden with K
-- Create a workable home office for D and me

-- Read: Born to Run and The Seven Habits
-- Run a race for a cause - to raise money for a worthy organization

-- Complete a yearlong photo challenge (in addition to the 365Photo)
-- Save money for a bike and kid's bikeseat
-- Get involved in social activities at work 

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