Sunday, March 7, 2010


In early February my friend, Becky, became a triathlete. She completed her first sprint triathlon in Florida (and braved some crazy cold swimming conditions - 60 degree water and 39 degree air temps).

She did not deviate from her training program once - seriously, she was freaking hard core and disciplined. The result: she finished her triathlon at her goal time and is in the best shape of her life. When I proposed that we train for a race together next spring, she was excited; even suggested a race that might be a lot of fun.

All this coming from a girl who prior to the triathlon had only competed in a single 5K.

She's freaking awesome.

In mid-February, Becky and I had an honest conversation about needing some exercise motivation and accountability. That is when SHE suggested doing a virtual Ironman during the month of March.

Here's how it works... we're tracking each of our workouts and aiming to complete 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles on the bike, and 26.2 miles of running before the end of the month. We're tracking our progress using a Google spreadsheet.

To date, I've swum 0 miles, biked 14.36, and run 11.1.

For me, the swimming can be finished in two workouts (I just need to get to the pool). I will be finished with the running after next weekend's 10 miler. I'm hoping to run at least 50 miles this month. The biking, however, is going to be my Achilles' Heal. Squeezing in enough bike workouts to total 112 miles is going to push me. It's also going to strengthen my leg muscles. And provide me with some much needed cross-training.

Assuming we both complete our Ironman in March, we will celebrate in May when K and I go to Florida to visit Becky!


Sarah said...

You are truly inspirational. I went running for the first time in months yesterday and managed to do something to my foot. I assume it's because I'm in super killer shape.

Becky said...

You're killing me on the running, B!!!! I still have approximately 5,000 more miles to run and you're practically done. Shew! Way to go!!!!