Thursday, March 18, 2010


Funniest moment so far: at 3am this morning I was in K's room doing everything in my power to get her back to sleep. That's when I noticed it... the clock in K's room was one hour faster than the time on my watch. I spent several frantic minutes searching K's room thinking an intruder was in the house and had messed with her clock. When I realized that wasn't the case, I started timing each minute. My guess was that K's clock is off and the minutes are ticking away at a rate faster than 60 seconds. After several observations, I realized this was not the case. At 3:07am, K started begging for milk. Little girl was starving. So we went downstairs for milk. It was at 3:08am that I realized that it was in fact 3:08am. My watch said 2:08am. I never set it forward for daylight savings time. What is funny is that it took me nearly five days to notice. And I wear my watch 24-7. Not once did I think huh...I should reset this for the time change. I'm an idiot. I told D about my adventures looking for an intruder and timing the minutes in K's room this morning. He had a good laugh at my expense.

Big accomplishment: made it to school this morning SAFELY. This is huge. I didn't get much sleep last night or the night before.

To do list: 38 articles to read and summarize for my dissertation. Also have a neighborhood meeting to attend this evening.

Motivational treat: this morning I had trail mix as a mid-morning pick-me-up.

Healthy Afternoon Snack: will be having another Clif Bar

Biggest regret: today there are two: 1) getting mad at K for partying in the wee hours of morning. Not sure if it is the time change, being outside for long periods during the day, a growth spurt or what... but the little girl has needed some milk in the middle of the night. Last night she chugged more than 10 oz before going back to sleep. I should not get mad or impatient with her. She's still tiny. 2) wearing a coat to school this morning. It's nearly 70 degrees outside right now. No coat necessary.

Dinner: not sure what we are having tonight. Last night we had carrot risotto with cornmeal and pumpkin seed encrusted tofu. Lunch today is roasted veggie wrap with rice and spicy peanut butter sauce.

Rant: Are you kidding me?!?! My 17 month old is not sleeping through the night? Come on already. (and, yes, I already regret complaining about her and her need for calories in the middle of the night)

**I've decided to continue my Thursday's posts. I like the consistency of blogging about the same things once a week and not having to come up with a topic to write about.

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