Sunday, March 21, 2010


Brain Google is a term D and I have come up with to describe what happens when one of our brains takes some pieces of information or some sort of query and spits out an answer.

Take tonight for instance... D tells me it is time for dinner. That he simply threw something together (yes, we deviated from our menu; we didn't have the patience to wait 60 minutes for a spinach souffle to bake). When I say I'm going to throw something together, you're likely to get one of three things: a PB&J sandwich, a bowl of cereal and maybe some toast, or black beans and rice.

Not so with D... his "I just threw this together" dinner included the following:

mashed cauliflower with rosemary
leftover carrot risotto
baby brussel sprouts with caramelized onions
cheese straws.

What is a cheese straw you might ask... well, it is puff pastry dough rolled thin, coated in cheese, rolled thin again, then twisted into straws, and baked until crispy.

I asked D how he came up with the idea of cheese straws.

He said he saw the cheese in the refrigerator and knew there was leftover pastry dough in the freezer.

We do not like to have leftovers.

So he used his BRAIN GOOGLE.

Input: pastry dough and cheese.


And the result: cheese straws to go with dinner.


I love being married to a man who loves to cook; is really good at cooking; and who puts his brain google to good use and comes up with great side dishes like the cheese straw!

If you'd like specific instructions for making the cheese straw, please let me know. They will not disappoint you. PROMISE.


Katherine said...

If my husband was like yours I would be 400 pounds! Sounds yummy. And I thought I was being creative "throwing together" meat sauce with some left over ground beef

Ruthie said...

My husband needs to meet your husband. He is great at cooking all things meat and potatoes, but we never get any yummy vegetables! Lucky girl!