Monday, March 8, 2010


We've always eaten dinner late in our house.

Pre-K: by the time we got home from worked, said hello, goofed off, and exercised, it was 8pm before D started cooking.

Post-K: we enjoy eating dinner after she is asleep so we can relax and have adult conversations.

On a good night, we eat dinner around 9pm.

So the time between lunch and dinner is REALLY long. And I've become a snacking machine. On days when I'm at school I usually work out before heading for home. On these days I am SO stinking hungry when I arrive home. After saying good-byes to the nanny and the family we share the nanny with, I usually start snacking HARD. And then D comes home, starving, and he snacks, too.

It's the perfect storm for weight gain.

I snack big and then have a late dinner.

Bad news for my waist-line.

Noticing that I am not losing the weight I wanted to (in fact, I've gained a little bit back post-nursing and eating vegan), I decided that something needed to change.

My bad snacking habits need to stop.

And today is the day. I'm going to try eating a healthy, high-protein snack in the late afternoon (today it will be on my drive home from Baltimore to DC). I'm experimenting this week with protein bars (D bought me an assortment yesterday at the grocery store). I know I need to eat something post-workout and post-lunch. I'll be hungry and crabby if I don't.

But I need to curb my eating.

Packing a snack and limiting myself to said packed snack is the plan for now.

If this doesn't work, I'll be looking for a Plan B. Suggestions/recommendations are encouraged. Please let me know how you avoid snack attacks? And please share any healthy snacks you eat to curb your appetite between meals.


Morgan said...

I snack every two hours without fail, like a yogurt or a fruit. Smaller, more frequent meals, spread out throughout the day will help boost your metabolism and might just be the perfect thing for you considering your schedule. Just a thought!

Sherri said...

You have a really fun blog...I look forward to reading more!

WASPy Girl said...

When I was on my diabetes diet, I found that low carb, high fiber, high protein snacks were helpful. I'd recommend low carb / high fiber toast with peanut butter.