Monday, July 16, 2007


According to Allegheny College:

As many of you will have read, a wrecking ball operated by a contractor broke loose of its cable on Monday, July 9 at a campus construction site and rolled 3,600 feet down North Main Street, damaging a number of parked cars and ending up in the trunk of a car driven by an Allegheny soccer player.

We are happy to report that the three people treated for injuries were all released from the hospital later in the day on Monday.

Police officers note that eight soccer balls in the student’s car may have kept the wrecking ball from causing more severe damage, as they provided an extra cushion of protection.

The construction site was at Pelletier Library, where contractors are removing large brick planters and a concrete plaza in a large-scale renovation project. The interior of the library is also undergoing a major makeover, with the main floor redone to include a computer classroom, study and collaborative work spaces, a café, a digital multimedia development suite, library services, and the Learning Commons. The library's other two floors are being renovated in stages to be completed in 2008.

I'm so excited that they are updating library. It sure needs it...

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Jill said...

No fair! They've done so much to that place since we've graduated. I would have loved a cafe in the library. UVA's Alderman Library had one and it was a huge draw.

That is great that they are updating it. I hope they also are getting rid of the green indoor-outdoor carpeting.

Thanks for the update!