Tuesday, July 17, 2007


In the past 24 hours, David and I have been to five CVSs across DC looking for the Wyler's Italian Ices that we like so much. With back-to-school supplies taking over the "seasonal" aisle at the CVS, the Ices have been hard to come by. Last night after visiting three stores, we could only secure one box of Ices (we ate all of the Ices we had at home). This evening we visited the Woodley Park Ices. However, we hit the jackpot at the Adams Morgan CVS. They had 11 boxes!

Because we were on our way home from a run, neither David nor I had any money. We walked home, got some cash, and returned to the store where we bought eight boxes. Buying out the store seemed wrong. Buying eight was merely indulgent!

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