Thursday, July 5, 2007


Wednesday was the 4th of July, and there isn't a better place to see the fireworks than in Washington DC. I'm not sure I can write this with much authority. Aside from the DC fireworks, the only other fireworks I've ever seen were in Pittsburgh, Hampton Township, and Meadville, PA. I don't have much to make a comparison with; however the DC fireworks are amazing!

We BBQ-ed at our friend's, Steve, house in Georgetown and then ventured down to the Mall. At 5:15pm the Mall was evacuated because of a tornado warning; by 7pm people were being allowed to re-enter. We joined my friends, Angie & Andrea, on the steps of the Reflecting Pool around 7:30 and waited for the festivities to begin.

This year's fireworks were spectacular. I have now watched the fireworks in DC from four locations - the Capitol, the lawn of the Washington Monument, the steps of the Reflecting Pool, and a rooftop in Georgetown. In my opinion the best viewing spot is the steps of the Reflecting Pool. Not only do you get to see the fireworks being launched, but you can see their reflection in the pool. And the echo at that end of the Mall is incredible. Definitely the best spot in the city!

After the fireworks we took the bus home and caught most of the Columbia Heights neighborhood after-show. Kids and adults set off everything from sparklers and M-80s to actual fireworks. It is quite the sight to behold - a little scary at times too. Safety is not on everyone's minds. Before heading home for the night, we went to the rooftop deck of our landlord's house. From there we were able to see fireworks from miles away along with the neighborhood aftershow. It was beautiful.

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