Tuesday, July 3, 2007


My last day of work was Thursday, June 28th. So yesterday was my first 'official' day of summer vacation. (I was off Friday, but it was my scheduled compressed day off so it didn't feel like anything new.) The agenda for my first day off was as follows...

7:15 - out of bed
8:00 - walked with David to the bus stop & then took an hour walk through the National Zoo
9:15 - returned home to make dinner, clean up a bit, eat breakfast, and prepare for the afternoon
11:45 - took bus to Andrea's house
12:45 - went with Andrea to the pool
1:00 - arrived at pool to sit in the sun & swim a few laps
5:00 - left pool & returned to Andrea's to watch M*A*S*H
6:45 - had dinner with Andrea & Angie
10:00 - returned home

It was a wonderful day. Above is a picture taken at the pool in East Potomac Park. What a view! (Yes, that is the Washington Monument in the background!)

While at the pool, I finished The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. What a great, easy read. I am going to go to the library tomorrow & get the Second Summer of the Sisterhood book.

I've been a homebody today, but am heading out to run some errands. I'll return home around 6pm to go for a run & make dinner. Tonight we are having mushroom melts & watermellon. Mmmmmmm....


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great day! I'm jealous!

Jill said...

Congratulations, and make the most out of this time off.

Anonymous said...

that is my kind of day...i am jealous! did you get into the sisterhood books from my suggestion? they are the easiest reads, but they are really good. i hope that you have more days like that!

Anonymous said...

that last one from me..sorry it didn't leave my name!


Becky said...

Carla - yes, it was your recommendation to read the Sisterhood books. I don't have the second one yet; it is out of the library. I'm on the waiting list. I cannot wait to get it. They are so fun! And it is great to finish a book in a day or two.