Saturday, July 14, 2007


Last night our friends, Jesse & Joan, and their five-year-old daughter, Genesis, came over for dinner. David completely outdid himself in terms of meal design and food presentation. The five courses he served were:

Appetizer: Fresh tomato and cold roasted eggplant with veggie seasoning and balsamic

First: Coconut milk/veggie stock soup with jumbo shrimps, fresh basil, and fried shallots

Second: Cold sesame noodles with shredded cabbage and carrots, gingered 'beef' strips, and blanched sugar snap peas

Dessert: small lemon cookies (my only contribution to the meal)

Finish: chocolate sorbet or butter pecan ice cream with strawberries, blue berries, and kiwi halves

***served with our house white wine (Picpoul de Pinet from Coteaux du Languedoc - 2006)


Sarah said...

Um, can David come to my house and cook dinner? Sounds delicious!

David Dawson said...

Sarah - my Real Simple cooking sister. (love that magazine.) Yes, let's make a dinner sometime.

I'm trying to learn how to make meals that are done in advance so that I can spend more time at the table. This worked out well since there wasn't much cooking at meal time. Becky made the cookies in advance.

Cold soups help and work well in the summer. The eggplant in the appetizer was roasted the night before also. Keeps the kitchen cool as well. At dinner time the majority of the work was assembly which others can help with which makes it more fun for all, too.

Sarah said...

Aah, a fellow Real Simple groupie! Love it! Thanks so much for the tips. I agree, cooking in advance is definitely the key.