Monday, July 23, 2012


This past Saturday I set out for a 12 mile run.

The plan was to meet my running group at 6am. I got in the car at 5:40 and before I had driven two blocks the rain started to fall. I braced myself for a soggy run (and was SO glad I wore my old shoes - don't want soggy new Mizunos). By the time I got to the starting point, the rain had stopped. Unfortunately, it rained again before I reached the 1 mile marker. I was wet from the beginning of the run until the end.

Our course was an out and back on the Mount Vernon Trail. It was a pleasant run despite the rain.

I ran all but the last mile alone. It was an enjoyable run.

I ran without music until mile 7. I decided I wanted to try to pick up the pace for the last five miles and needed some music. I turned on my music and took off. With a mile left to go, I realized I may be able to average less than 9 minutes/mile. So I really started to pick up the pace. At this point, I ran into two others from my running group. I ran past one guy and caught up to the second. I mentioned to him that I was close to running my fastest long run ever. Excited for me, he encouraged me to pick up the pace again.

Running together, we got faster with each step.

We approached our stopping point, stopped my Garmin, took a deep breath, and looked down. This is what I saw:

Fastest training run EVER.

So excited that my training is going so well.

Bring on 16 miles this weekend!


fancy nancy said...

You did awesome!!!!! That's great!! I love how encouraging running groups can be! They stretch us to be better!

ImTheMarigold said...

Holy cow girl! You smoked that run! I'm so impressed! Looking forward to eating your dust again this weekend.