Thursday, July 5, 2012


Last Saturday I had a 10 milers on the schedule. On Thursday I got an email from my coach saying it would be a hilly 10 miles. And it was! The course was also an obstacle course. On Friday night a terrible storm ripped through DC. The trail we were running on was covered in debris and there were numerous trees lying across it. Trees were up-rooted in some cases and in others they had just broken in half. Not only were there hills to conquer, but I was also dodging trees, branches, leaves, and other debris. It was a killer run.

At mile 6, I tripped on a crab apple. My ankle gave out. The pain was so intense. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach; the wind was knocked out of me. I cried instantaneously. 

After the trip, I walked a bit, got my breathing under control, and ran the remaining 4 miles.

My ankle didn't bother me too much. As soon as I was finished running and I took my shoe off, my ankle started to swell. I ended up going to urgent care. Three x-rays confirmed that I did not have a broken bone, but I did sprain my ankle. I got fitted with an air cast and was given instructions not to run for a week.

It has been five days now with no running.

I know my ankle is healing, but it still needs some more rest.

The chances of me getting my 12 mile run in this week are slim to none.

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