Friday, July 20, 2012


First, my new Mizuno's arrived yesterday. I them. 

Second, the Albert Einstein Memorial was Yarn Bombed last night.

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According to the,

The National Academy of Sciences' memorial of Albert Einstein was covered in yarn from head to toe, resulting in a colorful oddity that greeted researchers and other staffers on their way into the office. 

The surprise shroud is mostly pink and purple, with splotches of black and teal, turning the the bronzed image of Einstein sitting in repose into something resembling a pastel monster.
The likely culprit is the yarn-bombing artist Olek, a Polish-born crocheter and sculptor whose principal motif is to drape large objects and public installations in colorful yarn. Her best-known example of this came in 2010 with "Knitting Is for Pussies," in which she covered an entire Lower East Side apartment in yarn, right down to the mannequins standing in as tenants.

I hope to visit Mr. Einstein tomorrow.

Third, both my kids are sleeping. I am soaking in the quiet.


Sarah said...

Love your new header and the Einstein thing sounds so cool!

text översättning said...

Enjoy the silent moment!
Our greatest gift.