Sunday, July 8, 2012


Last week I went to Med Express Urgent Care TWICE.

I made my first trip after I tripped on my run last weekend. With the swelling and the bruising, I knew I needed to see a doctor. My trip to Med Express was fantastic. I was checked-in in a matter of minutes. I was then seen by a physicians assistant, who was AWESOME. They took some x-rays to rule out a break. Thankfully my bones looked good. I was fitted with an air cast and sent on my way. I was in-and-out in a half hour.

I made my second trip to Urgent Care with C. Several days before our trip, C was grumpy. He wasn't sleeping well. We also noticed him was pulling, hitting, and laying down on his left ear. We thought he probably had an ear infection. So to Urgent Care we went...

Less than half an hour after entering the center, C was registered, seen, diagnosed, given a prescription, and filled a prescription. He has a "raging" ear infection. He is on an antibiotic (though it is terribly hard to get a 9 month old to suck down a nasty tasting liquid medicine).

Both C and I are on the mend - I'm up and running. C, however, is struggling lacking with sleep these days.

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littlebeemama said...

Sorry to hear about the aircast. Yikes!