Sunday, July 15, 2012


This week I was back training with my running group (after a week in Pittsburgh visiting family and recovering from my sprained ankle). It was a terribly hot and humid morning. We set out for a 14 mile run...

This week's run took us through Georgetown (where I was rudely kicked off of Wisconsin Ave by a movie crew -- they were about to start shooting a film). From there we made our way to the Capitol. We back-tracked along The Mall and then headed over to Haines Point. After rounding Haines Point, we crossed over the Potomac and reached our starting point.

It was a good run. 14 miles. And I maintained my sub-4 hour marathon pace.

Unfortunately, like my last long run in DC, I fell during this run.

This time I was running along the Potomac, right in front of the Watergate, when I hit the ground. I believe I slipped in some mud along the path. I slid along the path. Thankfully both my ankles were ok after the fall. I have some brush burns and bruises, but I'm ok.

It was a great run -- longest since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2010!

I'm planning to crush Richmond.

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J. said...

I think it was Nixon's ghost (gasp!)