Tuesday, March 20, 2012


After running a solid half marathon this past weekend, I couldn't help but to plug my time into the McMillan Running Pace Calculator to see what kind of time I could expect if I trained for a marathon.

The results were satisfying.

Basically, this means if I can retain the same level of fitness and train for a marathon with the same speed and determination that I trained for the half I am capable of running a 4:00:26 marathon.

When I saw this one thought ran (no pun intended) through my head:

Running a sub-4 hour marathon this year (either NYC or Richmond) is totally doable.

There you have it --- my reach goal for 2012... to run a sub-4 hour marathon.

My plan at this point in time is to maintain my level of fitness throughout the spring so that when I start training for my marathon in the early part of the summer I'll have a good base - mileage and speed-wise.

My fall 2012 marathon is going to be EPIC.


Becca said...

If you decide on Richmond, I will come and cheer you on! And maybe NYC too, you never know!

Sarah said...

You are freaking nuts. In a super admirable way. Love you. :)