Sunday, March 25, 2012


Good-bye, old friends.

It is time to say good-bye to these shoes. 

These shoes have been with me for quite some time. I bought them the summer I started training for the Philly marathon. We've spent a lot of time together. Miles and miles together - through Rock Creek Park, all around Washington DC, into Virginia, around Baltimore. 

I also wore this guys throughout my pregnancy with C. I wore them until the day they stopped fitting (when my feet were too swollen to get into them).

I then put these shoes back on in November when I started to get my run back. I wore them throughout my training for the DC RnR 1/2.

They have been good shoes to me.

We went out together for one last muddy, wet run yesterday. 

When I hit the pavement for my next run, I'll be wearing a bright blue pair of kicks with pink trim. They are spectacular.

Thank you, yellow Nikes, for so many amazing runs together.


Sarah said...

Oh! Show a pic of the new shoes!

Nicole said...

I always thought it was funny how runners got attached to their shoes, but now that I am a runner I totally get it. Looks like they had a good life and were good to you. Hope you have many wonderful miles in the new ones.

J. said...

Yes, picture please!!

fancy nancy said...

Oh I get so attached to my shoes! I still haven't gotten rid of the ones I wore for Boston and that was almost 5 years ago!!! I haven't worn them since...they just sit pretty on a shelf!