Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yesterday I spent the greater part of my afternoon is Starbucks grading mid-term exams. Fifty-one 15 page exams. It was a l-o-n-g process.

The stack of exams pictured here is only a third of those graded.

After I finished grading exams, I put my computer away along with my papers and did some reading (not pleasure; work, but it was enjoyable). A young lady sat down next to me with her plate of hummos, veggies, and pita bread. We shared some pleasantries and then both started reading.

About 15 minutes later, her phone rang and she excitedly talked to the individual on the other end. After hanging up, she shared with me that she had just returned from San Francisco (on the red-eye) after a job interview. The phone call she had just ended was from the company she had interviewed with and they offered her the job. She was so excited. She explained that she HATED her current job and was so excited to resign. Her new job was as a guide on week-long bicycle trips around the globe.

Her first assignments were to take her to France and the southwestern United States.

She was so excited.

And I was so happy that she just shared it with me - a complete stranger. It was joyful being joyful with her. After sharing my congratulations, she stepped outside to call her mom and dad and share her good news.

So to you, new job girl, congratulations! May your bike tours be full of joy. And thank you for sharing your joy with me. It was contagious! 

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That's so great!