Thursday, May 27, 2010


Our CSA delivered fruits and veggies last night. Unfortunately, our check was lost/not received and we were not on the delivery list. This is a huge disappointment and we are working to get the problem corrected before next Wednesday. However, friends of ours who also belong to the CSA shared some of their veggies with us.

Thank you, A&P.

With our veggies, D made this for lunch today:

This is a tomato-radish salad on romaine lettuce. According to D, early radishes are so tender and mild. So he put them together with grape tomatoes, sliced ginger and the lettuce. OBVIOUSLY. He also saved the radish leaves and is planning to use them in the coming days. Seriously...what does one do with radish leaves? And am I brave enough to eat a dish that has radish leaves in it?

Hopefully this is the start of a summer full of wonderful veggies and fresh fruit as well as new and different yummy meals.

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Becky said...

I want to eat that RIGHT NOW!!!! Looks SO yummy :)