Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was rear-ended on the way home from school today.


I was at a traffic circle trying to merge in with traffic and the lady behind me just drove into the VW. Just like that. I was a little stunned by the situation. And a little miffed because I believe she was talking on her cell phone while driving, which is illegal in DC.


I'm fine.

The VW is drivable; probably needs a new bumper.

The other driver was fine; so was the car she was driving, which wasn't her own.

Lessons learned from my car accident:

1. when the seatbelt locks, it hurts. I have a sore collarbone.

2. the first question you should ask the other driver after an accident is "are you ok?" Proclaiming "my car didn't cause any of that damage; it was already there" is inappropriate especially when you are at fault.

3. have all the appropriate and up-to-date paperwork IN THE CAR. I didn't have my new insurance card and was ticketed ($530) because of it. I now have to go to court to show proof of insurance and get the ticket dropped.

4. DC police do not write up accident reports for car crashes when there are no injuries. They merely exchange information for the drivers. Calling the police simply increases the amount of time you have to spend with the woman that hit you from behind while you were stopped at a stop sign.

5. car insurance is a really good thing. I reported my claim this evening, have been referred to a local repair shop, and am waiting for the shop to call me. Thank you, Nationwide, for being awesome to me.

This is the first accident my little VW has ever been in and she's nearly 10 years old.

I'm sorry little car. It wasn't that bad. I'll have you fixed up and just like new in no time. XOXO


Note: had I stayed at the gym 10 minutes longer this evening and finished watching another compelling episode of 16 and Pregnant I probably would have avoided said crash. I'm kicking myself for cutting my workout short and missing the last ten minutes of the show. What happened to Ebony and her baby!??!

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WASPY GIRL said...

Oh, no. I remember when she was brand new. I'm glad you are ok.