Thursday, May 20, 2010


Bedtime has become the HARDEST part of the day. Sometimes (read: often) it is painful. K sucks (sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks!) at settling down. Some evenings we spend more than an hour trying to get her to lay down and sleep. During this time, she cries, screams, drinks milk, asks for more food, asks for another stuffed animal, and makes musical requests. It is exhausting.

And on those REALLY special nights, she wakes up around 3am and goes through the same routine for hours on end.

It is freaking exhausting.

D and I are tired, but we've made a pact to work together. And our goal: help K learn to settle down and sleep consistently.

We've seen K respond really well to routine and structure. So we're mixing up our bedtime routine. We're introducing more quiet time before, during, and after her bathie. Part of our new bathtime routine includes this video and song.

K enjoys it, but not as much as D does.

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nora said...

Will was (and is still) a tough one to get to bed. I feel for you. When K gets a little bigger I have some great tips - but the kid has to be old enough to understand the concept of a "deal." :) And yeah we are HUGE routine proponents over here. Ellen cried the other night when I accidentally sang the wrong song as we walked towards her crib.