Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well, it is official: D and I are out of the running for parents of the year.

This morning K got into the recycling. Usually this is not a big deal... she'll pull out a plastic bottle or an empty gallon of milk. And she loves some empty containers.

This morning though, she found a metal can.

And she proceeded to get her tiny fingers stuck in-between the can and the lid (which was hanging on by a thread but still attached to the can). Obviously said lid was extremely sharp.

She was screaming and pulling.

I tried to gently remove her little fingers from said metal trap.

A cut could not be avoided.

My baby sliced her finger on a metal can.

I feel terrible.

She cried.

Finger bled.

Bad situation all around.

Bleeding did stop; proof that her blood coagulates.

She'll probably have a scar to remind us of how stupid we are to leave the recycling within her reach and for not watching her all.the.time.

With this, we regretfully remove ourselves from the running for parents of the year.

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