Monday, February 1, 2010


As a parent, I believe you learn (at least) a little something about unconditional love each day from your child. Take yesterday for example...

K woke up early with a nasty cough. D changed her diaper while I hurried downstairs to get her some milk. As usual, K joined us in bed for her morning milk. When she was finished she coughed. Then she coughed again; and again; and again. Before we knew it she was coughing uncontrollably - eyes closed and watering, face pink, whole body (all 18 pounds 6 oz) shaking. It was a nasty coughing fit. And what follows a nasty coughing fit?

The pukes.

Yup, my baby puked milk all over me.

And I didn't dry heave or puke myself.

I tried desperately not to focus on the warm, stank milk running down my chest and pulling along the elastic of my favorite purple sweat pants.

She puked down my shirt and in my hair.

But I focused on her. Tried desperately to calm her down (nothing like coughing, puking, and crying all at once). We took a bubble bath together to wash the puke off both of us. D rushed the nasty clothing articles to the laundry room.

And I love both of the more today than I did yesterday.

That's some unconditional love in my book.


Health: obviously K has a cold. She slept terribly last night. We took her to the doctor today, and low and behold she has infections in both ears. That's ear infection number 3 & 4 for this winter. Lovely.

Me: I also have a cold. Lost my voice sometime last week, but it is slowly returning. Sinus pressure sucks. I am thankful for theraflu and advil cold and sinus.

Sleep: have not had enough. Going to bed as soon as I hit *publish*.

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Tricia said...

Awww....hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!