Friday, February 26, 2010


Several of the women who have committed to the Tall Mom 1000+ mile Challenge have been blogging about the three things they want to accomplish before they die. Since reading the first response, I've been thinking about what is so important that I want to be sure I do it before I die. After much thought, here it is... my list of three things I want to accomplish or do before I die:

1. Grow slowly old together with D. Included in this is building our family, enhancing our relationship, and having a lot of fun together. I hope to cross the finish line of several marathons with him, cross the finish line of a marathon with him and K someday, enjoy many multi-course dinners and fine wines, and travel with him. I envision us being in our 90s sitting on a porch swing, sipping lemonade and still enjoying each others presence.

2. I want to complete an Ironman and qualify for the Boston Marathon. I want to put on my resume that I qualified for Boston and am an Ironman.

3. I want to become a college professor. I would really like to teach environmental science at a small liberal arts college.

That's it.

Anyone else want to share what they'd like to accomplish before you die?


Sarah said...

Those are awesome goals. You've got me thinking. . .

WASPy Girl said...

Yes, very good goals. Might I suggest something that may help you with goal 3? Having been on both sides of the job search, you may want to consider teaching a class or two during your grad school years. There are definite downsides (lots of time, lots of time away from diss, lots of time away from family). However, small liberal arts colleges like to see teaching experience, and many of them want to see teaching evaluations. IMHO.