Wednesday, February 10, 2010


of CHAI Vanilla Soy Latte Extra Hot No Whip.

D's dear kitty, Chai, passed away last night. He spent his final months at a retirement center in rural Pennsylvania with our dear friend Andrea and her beautiful kitty. Unfortunately Chai suffered a tremmor/seizure and then passed away peacefully sometime yesterday evening.

Chai will be remembered for...

his love of boxes and bags,

drinking out of the toilet,

and being D's loyal friend for 15 years.

Chai was adopted from the DC Humane Society by D in the mid-90s. They shared many happy years together in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC. Chai was known for loving tuna juice and turning his nose at salmon. In his 15 years, he successfully killed a bird at two mice during his lifetime. He also partially killed a third, but did not finish the job. He loved sitting on window ledges and hated being bathed.

D wishes he could give him one last hug.

Memorial services are being planned. More than likely he'll be buried in rural Pennsylvania.

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WASPY GIRL said...

And Chai was also very avante garde...Being named "Chai" before chai was even cool.