Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday we had our first real health scare with the baby... I went to change her diaper and there was blood in her poop (sorry if this is TMI). It was bright red; no doubt it was blood. I.FREAKED.OUT. We called her doctor and they said not to worry. I scheduled an appointment for first thing this morning.

We got to the doctor and they tested her dirty diapers from yesterday to confirm that it was blood. It was. Next they inspected her little bottom to see if there were any sores or tears that could have caused the bleeding. There weren't. The doctor concluded that it is an allergy. Most likely to cow's milk, which I have been consuming in LARGE quantities.

So in order to keep her little systems healthy, I have to cut ALL dairy products, chocolate, nuts, and eggs out of my diet.

More than likely it is a dairy allergy, but I'm going to cut nuts as a precaution. Most chocolate is made with milk. Thus my cutting it from my diet. And eggs, well, kids are commonly allergic to them, too. So we're going to cut them as well. Unfortunately, I love to drink milk and trail mix (with nuts, raisins, and M&Ms) has been my snack of choice lately. I'm totally bummed. And when I'm feeling blue, nothing tastes better than some dark chocolate and milk. I'm eating saltines and drinking peach tea instead. It doesn't have the same effect.

Should the baby's bloody poop continue after a few weeks, they'll more than likely ask me to cut wheat from my diet. This might push me over the edge...

In addition to having to cut all my favorite foods from my diet, I have to get rid of the TWO MONTH SUPPLY of breastmilk I have stored in my freezer. I've been so good about pumping and saving - as much as I hate to pump. And now I have to throw it all away or donate it. It makes me REALLY sad.

If anyone knows where I could donate my milk or if you want it, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

You should post your breast milk on Craigslist.


nora said...

How incredibly stressful! I second-guess myself every time I have peanut butter... and it really sucks to lose all that milk. Ugh. Craigslist is a good idea, or if you call your maternity ward they might know of local milk banks...

I hope baby K feels better soon!!!