Thursday, February 26, 2009


The past 24 hours has been a roller coaster. It has REALLY had its ups and downs.

On top... today I got to visit with some old work colleagues who were in town for a meeting. It was so good to see each other face-to-face. My friend, Anne, who was my point of contact at CDC while I was working just got a HUGE promotion. She's now an associate director at CDC. She makes me SO proud. My other friend, Tom, just completed his MPH and will be walking at the Amherst graduation ceremony in May. Its a big accomplishment and I'm so excited for him. It was also just good to talk to each other them and hear that everything is going well. I'm so blessed with such good friends!

Really exciting news... last night I got a email confirming my automatic entry into the NYC marathon. I'm so excited. I just got new running shoes and I have a gift certificate to buy cute running clothes at this little boutique in Union Station. I'm so excited. My motivation to get back into shape and to run more than three miles at a time has skyrocketed. I'm ready to take on the world. We also got a new jogging stroller. So as soon as the weather is nice, I'm taking the little one out for some runs. She's going to love running through Rock Creek Park, the National Zoo, and on the Mall. And for those of you looking for a reason to go to NYC this fall, come and cheer me on. The marathon is November 1st. It covers all five boroughs and ends in Central Park.

Also on top... today is the third anniversary of our second wedding. We'll be celebrating at home with a shrimp dinner and a bottle of wine. I'm loving the fact that we have two anniversaries.

Onto the bad...we spent another day at the pediatrician's office. The little girl woke up with some blood in her diaper. I freaked out. OBVIOUSLY. What was scary this time around was that I wasn't sure if the blood was in her poop or pee (if you want details of the diaper I'll share them privately). Anyways, we went to the doctor to rule out blood in the urine and a UTI. Getting a urine sample from an infant is no simple task. They had to basically tape a plastic bag to her bottom and then we waited until she went. Luckily it only took about half an hour. She tested negative for blood. Yeah! And we sent a sample to a lab to rule out an infection. So now we just have to wait and see if there is more blood in the diapers. It makes changing diapers SO unpleasant. The anxiety of changing a diaper my be the end of me.

Also bad... because of the trip to the doctor and my stress over the diapers, I haven't accomplished a thing today. I checked nothing off my to do list, which is getting longer by the minute. Believe it or not, but mid-terms are in two weeks. I have one closed book test to study for and a take-home exam. I also got started on my independent study this past week and I have A LOT of work to do for it. I need to have a really productive day tomorrow. Hopefully the little one will sleep well today and nap HARD tomorrow.

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