Friday, November 21, 2008


There are so many wonderful smells and tastes during the fall... freshly fallen leaves, crisp cool air, apples, apple crisp, and squash, to name a few. Next week's Thanksgiving holiday is the climax of wonderful smells and tastes. There isn't a better smell or taste than a Thanksgiving dinner.

To jump start the Thanksgiving season and prime my taste buds, David made pumpkin pancakes this morning. They were delicious. I ate four of them in one sitting and am contemplating having more for lunch (there is extra batter in the refrigerator). I'm thinking of foregoing the pumpkin pie this year at Thanksgiving and instead having apple crisp and homemade vanilla ice-cream (have I mentioned that we picked up an ice-cream maker, for FREE, from friends who were moving?). To get my pumpkin fix on Thanksgiving, I'm thinking pumpkin pancakes for brunch would be a good idea. Maybe this will be a new family tradition.


Today: I'm studying logistic regression and trying not to fall asleep. I also need to make a couscous filling for the stuffed squashes we are taking to a potluck dinner tonight.

Weekend plans: Christmas shopping for our family in Taiwan (box must be mailed by early next week), finishing design of this year's Christmas card and getting them ordered, and attending an 8:30AM church meeting on Sunday.

Thanksgiving: my family is coming into town on Tuesday. We're cooking (read: D's cooking) dinner again this year. We'll be cooking a turkey breast for the non-veggies and having a fish dish for those of us who don't eat meat.

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WASPy Girl said...

Logistic regression...I remember those days.

Sounds like you are fully embracing the season! I'm not quite there yet...but I'll live vicariously through you.